type of boiler based on fuel

Jilin Province is located in northeast China, colder winter. Jilin Province is the autumn and winter air pollution problems are most acute period is the peak period of fog and haze. To reduce the frequency of occurrence of fog and haze, to reduce emissions of air pollution, according to "implement the central Jilin Province Environmental Protection Inspector feedback reform program", Jilin cities to carry out the 2018 autumn and winter special law enforcement inspection of non-electric coal-fired type of boiler based on fuels. Specific implementation of the program as follows.

2018 autumn and winter non-electric coal-fired boiler special law enforcement inspection action plan

First, the objectives

Through the "2018 autumn and winter special law enforcement inspection of non-electric boiler coal" action to further increase the intensity of emissions of air pollutants such as excessive penalties for violations combat, urge local governments and environmental protection departments to effectively implement the "Jilin province to implement the central environmental protection inspector feedback reform program, "Forced enterprises to speed up 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers small and out of more than 20 tons of steam and non-electric coal-fired boiler pollution control facilities upgrade progress to ensure stable discharge standards.

Second, the scope of the inspection

Cities (prefectures) and Changbai Mountain Administrative Committee, Meihekou, Gongzhuling City, Hunchun.

Third, check the time

2018 Nian September 1 to November 30.

Fourth, inspection methods and content

Cities (prefectures) and counties under the jurisdiction of Changbai Mountain Administrative Committee to set up inspection teams to units in the area to take a cross peer review mode, Meihekou, Gongzhuling City, Hunchun to self-oriented.

The principle of mutual cross-check on the environmental violations found, the city's environmental protection departments at all levels in accordance with "should check to make investigation, should make a fine penalty, should be moved to make-shift" of errant given time out of the boiler, not dust removal facilities renovation no construction of desulphurization facilities are not required to install, networking, using automatic monitoring equipment, excessive discharge of pollutants and other acts take full advantage of "environmental law" and supporting measures to implement daily basis penalties, limited production shutdown, sequestration, administrative detention measures to deal with.

Focus on examination of the following:

(A) the progress of 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers little out of work. According to "implement the central Jilin Province Environmental Protection Inspector feedback reform program," according to the time limit set by local governments, the progress of the phase-out of coal-fired boiler 10 tons of steam since 2014, the province's illegal 1570 newly registered units to be checked.

(B) more than 20 tons of steam coal-fired boiler non-electric dust removal, desulfurization facilities upgrade progress, automatic monitoring equipment installation, networking, usage. By ShengTing 6, July scheduling, the current to complete the rectification stage 717, stage 108 does not start the rectification, the rectification is 277, automatic monitoring equipment table 140 is not installed, the slow progress of the rectification. To complete the transformation around the boiler on-site verification, focusing on inspection facilities dust removal, desulfurization facilities upgrading and installation of automatic monitoring equipment, networking, usage. Percentage being modified, check the current progress of the major transformation of the situation, progress of the project, the time frame for completion, safeguard measures taken, it requires the use of boiler units issued commitments. For failure to start the transformation, to identify the main reason for not starting. If we do not transform the way in which the pin number to take all necessary construction and renovation tasks must be completed in accordance with the requirements of 30 September.

(C) boiler emissions standards. To install automatic monitoring equipment to monitor them than to confirm the validity of the data. For failure to require the installation of automatic monitoring equipment, shall be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, at the same time supervisory monitoring, to determine whether to achieve a stable discharge standards.

Fall and winter heating season is the peak of Jilin Province, to ensure the normal heating units, we must also pay attention to boiler problems in the process of environmental protection. For the high-emission, high-polluting coal-fired boiler and other fuel boiler, to be banned or corrective action.

Condensing gas type of boiler based on fuel and process water hammer phenomenon condensing gas boiler 1. The water hammer phenomenon: (1) gave a regular crash condensing gas boiler and in the pipes, sometimes loud sound, accompanied by strong vibration water pipes or steam pipes. (2) gauge pointer swings back and forth, the frequency of sound and vibration consistent. (3) water hammer severe, it may lead to the respective connecting members, such as weld cracking, breakage of the valve. Processing the drum 2. Water hammer: (1) check valve malfunction, combustion should be reduced to reduce the load and pressure boiler feed water shut-off valve closed to stop the water supply, the water supply valve repair quickly. At the same time we should observe the water level to prevent water accidents. (2) means for heating the steam drum when Stokes, should quickly close the steam valve. (3) maintaining the water level in the boiler condensing gas uniformly into the water balance drum. Water hammer is still ongoing, it should be shutdown for maintenance. (4) boiler maintenance, should strengthen water supply, water distribution and water tank repair. 3. The steam treated water hammer pipe: (1) reduced steam supply, close the main steam valve if necessary. (2) Open the trap set on the superheater and steam pipes hydrophobic tank. (3) drum level is too high, the sewage should be appropriate to maintain the normal water level. (4) strengthen water treatment work to ensure water supply and boiler water quality, prevent priming. (5) elimination of water hammer, check the pipe and pipe rack case, flanges, etc., as the case without further heating pipe for a steam supply.

By the transformation of the type of boiler based on fuel above policy point of view, if you are using 35 tons of steam / hour and below the coal-fired boilers need to be aware, taking advantage of the current implementation of the policy of boiler-related subsidies, seize the time to carry out the transformation of coal-fired boilers.

Whether the use of soft water and steam type of boiler based on fuels should have any suggestions and notes? Steam boiler in the boiler, we believe this a boiler we are not unfamiliar, but whether it is already a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, I am afraid, has not yet reached this level. Therefore, the next will be on the existing basis, to be continued, so, it can give you some learning content, then, let yourself be harvested and progress on the road in their learning. 1. steam boiler, which is sure to add soft water it? In this case, the box boiler, is recommended because its steam boiler, is good. And, in general, it is to increase boiler softened water treatment equipment, to prevent the boiler during use, fouling problems arise. If water quality has been tested and is the standard, then, it can be achieved without water softening equipment.

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