boiler 1120 kg hr total temperature

February 13, 2019, a food processing plant in Heilongjiang province, after the Spring Festival to resume production process, boiler 1120 kg hr total temperature explosion accident occurred, killing two people were killed, to the masses lives and property of people come at a cost, resulting in adverse social impact .

To reduce boiler accident, maintain social stability and security personnel, Suihua City Market Authority to act quickly, on February 15 Kusakabe issued an emergency notice to deploy to carry out safety hazards investigation boilers within the city, the focus of the investigation after the Spring Festival recovery boiler operation baths and other crowded places in boilers, boiler timely elimination of security risks in the management and operation aspects of existence.

As of now, law enforcement officers deployed 116 times, check unit 52, checks the boiler 64 for five in the boiler there are security risks of Special Equipment Safety Supervision issued a letter of instruction, ordered to stop using, be put into use after the rectification qualified.

What are the reasons for the popularity of gas-fired steam boiler 1120 kg hr total temperatures?

Gas-fired steam boilers dominate the boiler industry by saving energy, environmental protection and durability. Through advanced scientific and technological improvement, energy conservation and emission reduction have been improved. And domestic professional gas-fired steam boiler not only improves the heat absorption strength of the boiler, but also satisfies the demand of thermal expansion on the hot surface. The specific reasons why gas-fired steam boilers are popular with users can be found in the following sections:

1: the use of cleaner gas-fired steam boilers with a more environmentally friendly environment in use, the reputation of natural gas as a "clean fuel" and the absence of harmful gases and dust from the combustion process, Therefore, there will be no pollution burden on the air and the environment. Carbon dioxide or smoke produced by traditional coal-fired boilers not only affects air quality but also affects physical and mental health. Therefore, the use of gas-fired steam boilers is environmentally friendly.

2: the thermal efficiency reaction of a gas-fired steam boiler with high thermal efficiency is relatively faster than that of other boilers because it uses pure natural non-polluting natural gas as a combustion fuel with high thermal energy. The fire stimulates the rapid conversion of heat and causes water to release steam continuously in the pot. Compared with other coal-fired and fuel-fired boilers, the thermal efficiency is the fastest and most effective.

3: more intelligent operation of gas-fired steam boiler does not require manual complex operation of the whole process using intelligent automatic control. All working processes can be easily used by setting all the parameters in advance. Gas-fired steam boiler can start and stop automatically and automatically adjust the load to feed water according to the requirements of user design. Any abnormalities during operation can also enable self-diagnostic interruptions to fire an acousto-optic alarm.

When the gas furnace boiler 1120 kg hr total temperature start running, be sure to pay attention to check the observation hole, flanges and valves, is loose, if you find problems in time to tighten, if the problem still find leaks, pay attention to carry out inspection shutdown.

0.05-0.1MPa pressure gas boiler at the time, to pay attention to the problem and carry out sewerage, water supply system and sewage screening test device, but also pay attention to the water level table please system; when the pressure rises to 0.1-0.5MPa time , you need to trap gauge cleaning; gas boiler when the pressure rises to 0.3MPa when the "fire load / small fire" switch to the "fire" to strengthen combustion; gas boiler when the pressure rises to 2/3 rated operating pressure, to start using heating pipes and were aspirated; and pay attention to open the main steam valve slowly to avoid water hammer phenomenon.

The common corrosion of industrial boiler 1120 kg hr total temperature is mainly oxygen corrosion and scale corrosion, and the main measures to prevent it are as follows:

1 do a good job in water supply treatment: Dissolved oxygen, iron ions and low pH values in the feed water all contribute to corrosion of boiler metals. Therefore, water supply should be deaerated as far as possible, feed water pH value should be greater than 7; Attention should be paid to the control of iron ion content for the recovery of steam condensing water for feedwater. Sometimes the condensation water usually contains yellow rust water as soon as the steam system is started. At this time, it should be properly discharged until the iron content is qualified before it can be used as boiler feed water.

2 keep the water quality of the pot up to standard: Generally speaking, too high salt and chlorine content in pot water, too low or too high pH value and alkalinity will increase corrosion. Therefore, it is necessary to discharge water reasonably, maintain a certain pH value, alkalinity and PO43- content of boiler water in order to keep the quality of boiler water up to standard, which can not only prevent scaling, but also be beneficial to anticorrosion.

3 prevent subscale corrosion: After scaling on the heated surface of the boiler, the pot water infiltrated under the scale will be extremely concentrated at high temperature and chemical reaction will take place, resulting in all kinds of scale corrosion, but the coverage of the scale is often difficult to detect. Therefore, boiler scaling should be cleaned and removed in time.

4. To form a protective film on the surface of the metal: For newly installed boilers, a good cooking effect should enable the metal surface to form a complete passivation protective film. Under the operating conditions, when the pot water maintains a suitable pH value (generally 10 μ 12) and a certain amount of phosphate and carbonate, it is also helpful to form a dense protective film on the surface of the metal and slow down the corrosion. However, if the boiler water quality is not well controlled, especially if the pH value is too low or too high, the protective film will often be destroyed.

5 do a good job of shut-down and maintenance: The corrosion of many boilers is often caused by improper maintenance when the boiler is shut down, and the corrosion products produced when the boiler is shut down are often accelerated when the boiler is in operation. Therefore, when shutting down the furnace, the maintenance work must be done in accordance with the requirements of the regulations.

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feeding to a boiler at atmospheric pressure, at a temperature of 10°C, and that the water will begin to boil at 100°C. 4,186 kJ will be required to raise each kg of water through 1°C. Therefore, for each kg of water in the boiler, the increase in enthalpy is (90 x 4,186) = 376,74 kJ in raising the temperature from 10°C to 100°C.

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