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10 tons of gas hot water industrial boiler company in gambia heating area to meet the community how much? Heating boiler area a lot of companies have to meet the tonnage of how much this issue in doubt, there are many factors affecting the boiler heating area, the following 10 tons gas hot water boiler heating area to meet the community how much? To provide for everyone Some consider the ideas and direction to this problem. A. Factors heating area of ​​10 t affect gas hot water boiler. After determining the tonnage, heating area and determine the correct measure is critical, it can avoid a lot of unnecessary waste of resources and funding, help to achieve the effect to make the best value. (1) structure type boiler heating the house this condition, we are determined to go first, because the same 10-ton gas hot water boiler, heating area may be a cell, can also be a plant, and that different architectural styles, Heating the final area to measure the results are different. For a cell in terms of factors most affected floor height, piping erection, etc., have a certain impact on the heating area. (2) regional differences, due to the altitude and temperature in different parts of the back and so have different differences, like warm areas, natural heating area will be relatively large, but the high altitude, low temperature regions, the same 10 tons of gas hot water boiler, or the same cell, natural heating area is not the same. (3) the efficiency of the boiler itself likewise heating conditions, if, their operational efficiency and thermal efficiency of the boiler is relatively high, then it's heating area. Heating efficiency is naturally higher up. Of course, factors affecting boiler heating area there are many, such as building materials selected heating zone, as well as specific heating requirements, etc., these will impact on heating. II.10 tons of gas to meet the district heating hot water boilers much area? Detailed analysis of the factors affecting the area of ​​the heating boiler, different regions, different heating buildings and other equally have chosen 10 tons gas hot water boiler, its heating area are probably not the same, then the Zhengzhou fast boiler sales Co. boiler, through market trial, the results of a tonne of gas hot water boiler to meet 10000-10000 two kilometers cells under normal conditions heating, district heating area of ​​10 tons of gas hot water boiler in about 100000-120000 square meters of heating area, of course, these data only for internal use and reference, depending on the actual conditions, it will also have specific heating area more or less out of the specific area of ​​the heating effect of the similarities and differences can contact the online customer service staff, they will arrange professional sales staff to answer.

How do gas-fired steam industrial boiler company in gambias need to be maintained when they are not in use?

Nowadays, the use of gas-fired steam boiler has become more and more frequent, and the boilers all over the country have changed the use of gas-fired boiler with each passing day. Although the domestic professional gas-fired steam boiler is stable in operation and less energy-saving and consumption-reducing in sewage discharge, it is necessary to use proper maintenance in the case of long-term non-use in order to carry out normal use. Specific gas-fired steam boiler maintenance methods in the case of not in use and see below for detailed analysis of the following:

1: dry maintenance of gas-fired steam boilers should remove the boiler water after shutdown, and then thoroughly remove and rinse the dirt from the interior. And keep the oven dry so as not to be seduced. You can dry the chamber with a light fire, but not with a fire. Also be careful to close all hand-hole piping valves and place the quicklime tray in the drum. Check the boiler at least three months without using a gas-fired steam boiler for a long time. If the quicklime in the chamber is crushed into powder, the new lime needs to be replaced immediately to ensure that the drying protection in the furnace of the gas steam cooker is not corroded by moisture.

2: in addition to dry maintenance, wet maintenance of gas-fired steam boilers can also be done by means of wet maintenance, which is to remove internal dirt after discharging the water in the furnace, and to fill the chamber with treated water and then heat it to the required temperature. The gas in the water is then discharged out of the furnace and all valves are closed. In this way, the furnace is filled with water to complete maintenance. Of course, wet maintenance should not be used in cold weather to prevent water icing and damage to the tank. It can be seen that the gas-fired steam boiler in the case of not in use is mainly dry and wet method of maintenance, which kind of specific use Maintenance method according to different site and climate conditions to make flexible choice.

For atmospheric environmental quality issues, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, submitted a gratifying annual summary to the people within the city. By 2018, the number of days Hashi ambient air quality standard of 310 days, an increase of 40 days, since the implementation of our 2013 new environmental quality standards, the best of the year.

January 2019, the development of ambient air quality continues to improve. "Good weather" gratifying is the result of Harbin in straw Jinshao, such as firecrackers ban on burning the same time force. Among them, strongly promote the elimination of coal-fired boilers is a top priority. According to statistics, in 2018, out of a total of 1191 Harbin coal-fired boilers to provide strong support to reduce emissions of air pollutants.

Harbin coal-fired boiler was closed down following a major way, into the central heating (including wholesale) or clean heating pipe network replacement. According to the principle "and the appropriate and, should the electric power, the gas should be gas", the clean coal central heating pipe network coverage area, the boiler unit according to claim ownership, the priority region incorporated central heating pipe network; in concentration not covered by district heating network, in accordance with the wishes of the boiler unit property, taking clean renewable energy or alternative heating means, out of coal-fired boilers.

At the same time, various related businesses also improved stations, actively cooperate with the phase-out of coal-fired boilers.

2018 Hashi out of coal-fired boilers intensity of the strongest of the year, out of range built-up area expanded from 9 to zone outside built-up areas, out of a total of 1191 units. In District 9 built-up areas, on the basis of 10 tons of steam per hour out of coal-fired boilers to achieve "clear" on the further elimination of more than 10 tons of steam per hour to 99 coal-fired boilers; county (city) district built out of steam per hour 10 116 tons of coal-fired boiler units; elimination of financial support and utilities per hour 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers 966 units in urban and outside built-up areas in the 9th district. "Achievements accumulated over the years, significantly reducing the use of coal, reduce emissions of pollutants." Director of Air and Noise Pollution Control at the Harbin environment bureau, Li Bin Tang said.

"In order to further solve the pollution problems of coal-fired, 2019, Harbin plans in urban areas, the county (city) built-up area basically eliminated 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and furnaces and tea, operating the stove, coal grain storage and drying equipment coal-fired facilities; urban built-up area basically eliminated 20 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, push 35 tons of steam coal-fired heating boilers out of the urban built-up area can not be a stable discharge standards; outside built-up areas out of 10 tons of steam can not be stable discharge standards of the following coal-fired boilers. "Li Bin Tang said.

Pump - Check the steam industrial boiler company in gambia burner pump, the sealing means is intact to determine whether the internal pressure remains stable sealing element replace damaged or leaking. If using a hot oil is required to ascertain whether or not all of the sound insulation tubing; longer if oil pipeline, the need to check the installation route is appropriate. Replace damaged insulation tubing and bad.

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