hot sale output 0 5-25 t h boiler

We see, out of sight, the hot sale output 0 5-25 t h boiler provides a steady stream of power, supporting all aspects of our daily life and industrial production needs, making great contributions to urban development and social progress of civilization.

First, choose a good reputation in cooperation with hot sale output 0 5-25 t h boiler manufacturers, boiler manufacturers reputation is every sign, harvest a good reputation in the user groups manufacturers of boilers, must also be good quality. Whether exhaustive corrosion resistant, energy-saving aspects of life or doing good effect.

Our hospital requirements for environmental protection, health and safety in these areas is very high, for a wide variety of market hot sale output 0 5-25 t h boiler is also very headache and confusion, there fast boiler solve the above problem, the boiler set clean environment to provide for our hospitals and efficient operation in one, coincides with the philosophy of our hospital. --customer feedback

Pressure, atmospheric water heating system with a detailed comparison of pressure 1, pressure hot sale output 0 5-25 t h boiler heating system in accordance with comparative analysis of the boiler pressure level, the pressure inside the hot water boiler large pressure is necessary to provide a safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, and other auxiliary tool. Since the internal pressure of pressurized hot water boiler is always filled with water, it is not necessary to provide water level gauge, pressure hot water boiler equipped with a thermometer and a water level gauge only, due to the communication, between the boiler pressure hot water boiler and the atmosphere internal pressure is boiling. er and thermometer. Equal to the atmospheric pressure, there is no explosion of the boiler, there is no need to install a safety valve or pressure gauge. Thus, the pressurized boiler heat better than the internal pressure, the requirements of facilities is also higher, there are some risks to the safety of the boiler. The boiler pressure due to internal pressure and atmospheric same security risk is very low, less demanding facilities, but the operational efficiency has to be improved. 2. The circulating pump Comparative contrast, more advanced pressurized water heating system, using the circulating pump main apparatus can be sent to the boiler water system, which generally can be maintained at the operating temperature effect 70 ℃, water pump can be selected . Pressure can be controlled circulating pump water heating system vascular resistance, and to maintain the pressure inside the boiler, in order to protect the water vaporized in the boiler does not occur. (Water gasification boiler First, it will increase the internal pressure of the boiler, increase the risk of explosion; the second is endothermic cooling water evaporation, increases heat loss inside the boiler) and at atmospheric pressure boiler heating system circulating pump, mainly through the boiler water extraction, its working temperature is usually about 95 deg.] C, it is necessary to select the heat pump, which is capable of overcoming the major resistance of the outer loop, but also to overcome the resistance of the backwater control valve. In pressure boiler heating system, due to the relatively low pressure water circulation pump, therefore, very prone to cavitation problems, we can say the inner workings of the environment is very bad. China's relevant scholars these two boiler heating system were analyzed and compared, including mass flow contrast and contrast power. After comparing the work found in the same heating project, the circulating pump energy heating system boiler pressure loss is large. The larger the size of the heating system, the greater the heating area terrain changes, the greater the difference between the two, which is the higher pressure boiler heating system energy consumption. In addition, due to the cavitation problem occurs pressure boiler heating system, therefore, we can not use water pump. 3. Comparison of the effect of heating hot water boiler heating system will eventually be implemented in the heating effect, heating under the same conditions, the performance of the boiler with the capacity of the heating system pressure higher than atmospheric water heating system, therefore, the boiler pressure poor heating effect of heating systems, it must adopt the operation in the form of low temperature for long. Typically, in the same environment, and the heating capacity of the boiler on the basis of the effect of atmospheric heating boiler heating system can only reach about 80% of the water heating system pressure; 11 / December, atmospheric temperature than the heating boiler heating system pressure low temperature heating boiler heating system 10 ℃, said heating effect can be very different. 4. Compare the above to improve safety too, due to the pressure bearing boiler heating system is relatively large, with a certain degree of explosion risk, therefore, pressure hot water boiler manufacturing must comply with national production standards required in the production process supervised check. Before pressure hot water boiler applications, device management need to be registered, and need to be put into application performance check in periodically, hire a professional boiler technician to carry out inspections. Visible, pressure boiler heating system application and maintenance costs are relatively high. For pressure boiler heating system, because connected to the atmosphere, and therefore, there is no pressure difference, no explosion risk, high security operation. Therefore, pressure boiler heating system is not included in the scope of regulation to force, it will not require complex management procedures pressure boilers, low running costs and more. 5. Applications parity pressure boiler can not only supply the high-temperature water, but also to supply low-temperature water. However, pressure boiler heating system capable of supplying only a low temperature below 100 deg.] C in water. 10 years ago, most of the area or businesses are using low-temperature water heating, but heating demand as people continue to increase, energy saving ideas popular, high-temperature hot water boiler has become an inevitable trend. Since the pressure boiler heating system can only provide low-temperature water, and therefore, are applied in conventional cells, that is, multi-storey buildings; high-rise buildings typically employ pressurized heating boiler heating system. Due to pressure boiler heating system no risk of explosion, not mandatory rules and regulations related constraints, therefore, it can be installed in the building basement, especially in densely populated areas, can effectively reduce the loss of heat transfer problems in the multi layer architecture has a distinct advantage.

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