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Why should the 100 hp mobile boiler rental corp blowdown? Boiler Blowdown purposes: (1) exclude excess alkali and salt boiler water, boiler water so that the indicators, always controlled within the national standard requirements. (2) within the junction to exclude dirt green boiler. (3) oil and foam surface water boiler blowdown. Boiler Blowdown meaning: an important part of the work when sewage water treatment (1) boilers, boiler concentration is an important means to achieve water quality standards assurance. (2) the implementation of planned and scientifically sewage, to ensure good water quality boiler is slow or prevent scale knot students to ensure the quality of the steam boiler and an important measure to prevent metal corrosion.

Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection by the volatility of the newly revised "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" released in July this year, the implementation of this standard is known as by far the most stringent air pollution emission standards for 100 hp mobile boiler rental corps, boiler caused by the manufacturing sector.

Compared with the existing standards, new standards not only revised the traditional particulate matter and sulfur dioxide emission limits, for the first time proposed emission control standards for nitrogen oxides and mercury, Forced boiler manufacturers have to upgrade technology, from the source control boiler discharge atmospheric pollutants.

One side is desulphurization and denitrification entered the final stage, while the new emission standards of air pollutants are being introduced amendments to the boiler. Such as pollutant emissions from large wide range of small capacity monomer emission coal-fired boilers and other issues close to the ground long standing will once again be enlarged, comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers will undoubtedly become the next focus of urban air pollution control. Analysts believe that the implementation of the new standard direct-driven investment in environmental protection will reach 370 billion yuan to 4500 yuan, while the boiler manufacturing industry is facing exams has also led to the relevant environmental protection equipment market to break out again.

By the end of 2011, our country in the boiler 620,300 units, of which 09,700 units utility boilers, industrial boilers 610 600 units, with a total capacity of about 3,515,900 kilowatts. In 2012, industrial boilers reached 62.4 million units, about 98% of the total number of boilers.

In industrial boilers, coal-fired boiler is more than 80%, the annual consumption of 490 million tons of standard coal, the average efficiency of 65% to 70%, emissions remain high.

In 2012, coal-fired industrial boilers cumulative emissions of dust 4.1 million tons, 5.7 million tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides 2.0 million tons respectively, accounting for 32% of total national emissions, 26% and 15%, a major cause of fog and haze one of the reasons.

For this reason, in the 2013 set off a nationwide clean energy alternative coal-fired boiler boiler, more than one place Shandong, Shanxi and other relevant measures have been introduced on clean energy alternative to coal-fired boiler work. "The introduction of the implementation of the most stringent standards, will set off a coal-fired boiler in the second round.

Four existing small and medium sized coal-fired boilers in China. One pollutant emissions from large, wide surface. Second, small-cell capacity, the average capacity of 8 tons / hour, the number of 10 tons / hour of small coal-fired boilers is 42 million units, accounting for two-thirds of the total. Third, emissions close to the ground, a great impact on quality. Fourth, boiler technology, main and auxiliary mismatch, poor health. In addition, most small boiler lack of dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, led to the current sulfur dioxide and dust emissions from boilers widespread non-compliance.

From the present point of view, domestic clean energy technology matures, the implementation of new emission standards for technology development has brought very good driving force for the future, who can stable up to standard technical requirements of the country, will have a presence in the market value Otherwise it can be eliminated.

WNS type fuel steam 100 hp mobile boiler rental corp scale inhibitors should be used with a boiler fuel WNS type steam boiler scale inhibitor effective to inhibit the use of copper and in the process, carbon steel composite member; anti Fe3 +, Cu2 + strongly accelerated corrosion capability. Selection of boiler scale inhibitor, is a guarantee of safety WNS-type fuel steam boiler; it can completely remove the scale at the same time easy to reduce; and simple operation, safe and reliable; boiler scale inhibitor is generally used free by It can be discharged after a simple neutralization treatment, safety and environmental protection. Use scale inhibitor performance of the boiler fuel WNS-type steam for maintenance, can be reduced in favor of direct use and regular cleaning and maintenance of user WNS type of fuel steam boiler, saving maintenance costs. In the cleaning process, H + will corrode the metal body, appears; and dissolved produced Fe3 +, Cu2 + ions and the like may cause oxidation of the metal body, such as copper plating, therefore, the boiler cleaning agent to be added corresponding. Descaling agent used according to specific circumstances WNS type fuel steam boiler operation, simplifies and facilitates the installation and operation of the washing site. WNS cleaning speed type fuel steam boilers, high inhibiting efficiency, the cleaning waste liquid treatment method is simple, advantageous for the cleaning.

Schools, residential areas, hotels, shopping malls and other larger flow of people place a high demand for hot water and heating, if enterprises can purchase their own 100 hp mobile boiler rental corps to provide hot water, it is a better choice. Use your own gas hot water boiler, not only very convenient, but also save money to a large extent. So, in the face of the market include a wide variety of boiler equipment, how do we choose good quality gas hot water boiler to do?

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