running boiler on diesal

Need to select the appropriate power, the power when electric running boiler on diesals for heating according to heating demand is too large will waste money, power smaller reach to user requirements. In general, electric boilers for heating outlet temperature is above 70 ℃, 30 minutes each household radiator temperature can reach 75 ℃; one cubic meter of heating area needs about 35W of heat, you can combine their own after heating the area to be calculated using the specific electric power boiler.

Location of gas running boiler on diesal design steps typically mounted gas boiler constructed separate boiler room. Boiler room should not be directly in the room gathered many people (such as public baths, classrooms, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.) or at the top, bottom, or the immediate neighborhood of the main evacuation port on both sides. New boiler room and the house should not be connected to the boiler room is adjacent to other buildings, adjacent wall as a firewall. Boiler room floor should be smooth step-free, and should prevent accumulation of water.

March 11, we learned from the Harbin municipal government: Harbin win the 2019 New Blue Sky Battle embodiments released this year, Harbin will be coal-fired pollution control, pollution discharge standards, high Vehicle emission control, comprehensive improvement of urban and rural non-point source, and prohibiting straw utilization as the main direction, precise Shi policy. Strive to the end, so that the sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by more than 17.6% in 2015 and 20%; concentration of PM2.5 decreased to 52 micrograms / cubic meter or so, and strive to 50 micrograms / cubic meter or less; and more severe reduce the number of pollution days to 21 days or less.

After the proposed scheme, Harbin bulk coal strengthen management and control, strengthening coal quality testing, to improve the sampling frequency. This year will develop clean heating embodiment, the priority development of the city urban central heating; central heating covered areas being difficult to accelerate the implementation of natural gas heating and electric heating, and other distributed clean heating. Unit embodiment "coal to clean energy" should be synchronized removal of coal-fired boiler, gas boiler need replacement after low NOx combustion technology, clean heating rate of 60% or more. City buses, taxis or car clean energy proportion of new energy and strive to reach 94% and 80%. Promote the use of gas vehicles to achieve the national emission standards for six. Six to stop selling below the country's gasoline and diesel. Establish responsibility dust control system, built-up areas prohibit the construction site mixing of concrete, mortar and use of bagged cement 9 city and county (city). Under the premise of protecting people's livelihood, heating boilers should be relatively conducive weather conditions during the pollutant dispersion from the oven, in the same area by different heating boiler early in the evening three periods of peak load shifting from the furnace.

How do gas-fired steam running boiler on diesals need to be maintained when they are not in use?

Nowadays, the use of gas-fired steam boiler has become more and more frequent, and the boilers all over the country have changed the use of gas-fired boiler with each passing day. Although the domestic professional gas-fired steam boiler is stable in operation and less energy-saving and consumption-reducing in sewage discharge, it is necessary to use proper maintenance in the case of long-term non-use in order to carry out normal use. Specific gas-fired steam boiler maintenance methods in the case of not in use and see below for detailed analysis of the following:

1: dry maintenance of gas-fired steam boilers should remove the boiler water after shutdown, and then thoroughly remove and rinse the dirt from the interior. And keep the oven dry so as not to be seduced. You can dry the chamber with a light fire, but not with a fire. Also be careful to close all hand-hole piping valves and place the quicklime tray in the drum. Check the boiler at least three months without using a gas-fired steam boiler for a long time. If the quicklime in the chamber is crushed into powder, the new lime needs to be replaced immediately to ensure that the drying protection in the furnace of the gas steam cooker is not corroded by moisture.

2: in addition to dry maintenance, wet maintenance of gas-fired steam boilers can also be done by means of wet maintenance, which is to remove internal dirt after discharging the water in the furnace, and to fill the chamber with treated water and then heat it to the required temperature. The gas in the water is then discharged out of the furnace and all valves are closed. In this way, the furnace is filled with water to complete maintenance. Of course, wet maintenance should not be used in cold weather to prevent water icing and damage to the tank. It can be seen that the gas-fired steam boiler in the case of not in use is mainly dry and wet method of maintenance, which kind of specific use Maintenance method according to different site and climate conditions to make flexible choice.

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