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Lu Haiqing chairman welcoming remarks, welcome friends from afar, thanks they have been quick to support each other. As well as in-depth analysis of the current status of environmental demand and domestic gas solid fuel boilers kilowatt prices market, called on everyone to work together to accelerate the popularization and technical upgrading of gas boiler.

Henan Notes solid fuel boilers kilowatt prices gas leak problem Henan precautions gas boiler leaking problem: ① the inner wall of the Henan gas boiler leaks: leak is also divided into the inner wall of the drum and the provision of water leakage and water cooling pipe leakage drop, if the former is relatively small leakage eye, can be Wabu same steel, after Patching flaw detection. Leak needs to be replaced before the tube, replacing a large area. ② Henan leaking gas boiler handhole: re-try transducer mounted at an angle, to see if there is a hand hole cover deformation, if deformed, the first correction, and then the green tape wrapped in a layer of a uniform mat, and preferably consistent position before overhaul . ③ gas leak in the boiler drum: the higher cost of repair costs, mainly to see the location and size of the leak leak point where, if the old boiler appears oozing red pot of water, indicating that water quality problems, probably because of low alkalinity or water metal corrosion caused by dissolved oxygen is too high. Low alkalinity can adding sodium hydroxide or trisodium phosphate to a pot of water, dissolved oxygen in water is too high to be resolved by the deaerator. ④ leaking water treatment system: first check whether the gas boiler corrosion, if you need to descaling the boiler corrosion, leaks repaired part, and then circulating water treatment, adding agents, equipment and other materials were boiler corrosion, scale, protection . ⑤ boiler flue gas leak: check is not the boiler tube or tube sheet due to cracks, if the need to change the pipe, see Wabu flue used material, aluminum, and stainless steel may be carbon steel or argon welding aluminum wire, iron acid electrode material directly. ⑥ leaking valves: Valves leaking packing should be added to or replacement of the valve.

1 ton of small steam solid fuel boilers kilowatt prices is how herbs processing? 1 ton of small steam boiler is how herbal medicine processing of? We all know that medicine is a very precious thing, it can help the patient to remove the pain. In China, divided into Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine is generally palliative, herbal cure, but medicine is a relatively slow penetration of the process, the last two years a lot of people to start taking medicine conditioning the body, we are in a variety of pharmacy bought medicine are generally in the form of hay, then you know medicine from acquisition to finished which flow through it? today we say for example a method of making the pills. 1. Chinese herbal medicines using one ton of small steam boiler drying. 2. After drying herbs were milling. 3. Mi Lian, pay attention to old or young. 4. The formulation ingredients were stirred and mixed to uniformly stirred. 5. Stir the herbs crumpled. 6. Article made Pei. 7. The pellet was then knead it, after hardening placed to dry before packaging. Where drying is a very important step in the production of Chinese herbal medicine drying room with steam drying equipment to dry herbs, widely used in agricultural production, scientific research, medical and health among. Important issues herbs drying process of high moisture content, mostly more than 70%. In harvesting, transportation, storage, marketing and other aspects of the process and, if not handled properly, it is perishable decay, especially in tropical and subtropical regions, according to statistics, the loss ratio as high as 30% -40%, Chinese herbal medicine drying room application is particularly important. The main feature of the use of clean source of dry steam boiler bilateral herbs small hot air, a more uniform baking, good internal structure, strong gas furnace, temperature and humidity control.

An accurate understanding of solid fuel boilers kilowatt prices heating surface often hear the term boiler heating surface, in the end what is the heating surface, which means that it is part of the boiler it? Here it says gas boiler heating surface. Gas boiler is the heat energy in line with national environmental requirements provided equipment. Widely used in the food, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. As machinery and equipment, good maintenance can prolong the life of equipment, so maintenance must be clear when the parts name, the name and location of the professional terminology. Today teach you an accurate understanding of boiler heating surface. Refers to the boiler heating surface absorbs heat from the heat medium and the heat transfer medium to the interface, including convection heating surface with two kinds of radiation heating surface. 1, radiation heating surface heat transfer mainly radiation heating surface manner absorb heat from the heat medium, heat transfer mainly radiation heating surface manner absorb heat from the heat medium. The waterwall tubes, furnace and the like. 2, convection heating surface convection heat transfer from the high temperature flue gas absorbing manner heating surface of heat, generally refers to the smoke passes through the heating surface, flue, the convection tubes and the like.

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