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The importance of high-end professional expertise steam dealer price of boilers in zimbabwe technology to be able to survive to create a professional product, the same is true for steam boilers. Production technology company specializing in the production of if it is not how products are able to get in front of customers? Not to talk about what creates benefits for customers, and development of the company. Therefore, when the steam-producing boiler is more than required professional skills. Professional skills required of a professional talent to offer, so the company should be willing to spend lots of money to hire professionals in all sectors of the steam boiler to produce steam boiler work, the only way to produce high-quality products for the company and development. To know the interests of customers and the company is closely related to, what benefits once the customer can not get the product from the body, then it will allow the company to lose any more. Therefore, companies need a professional technology to produce high quality steam boiler, otherwise it would have been stagnant development of the company, the customer's interests will be seriously affected. For steam boiler, its market is unlimited, after all, energy is one of the important people of the development of resources, energy a lot of work done well. Especially for metal smelting industry, once the loss of heat energy can not continue, so the market is unlimited steam boiler. The key is to look at a steam boiler manufacturing company can produce products to meet industry needs, the market needs professional products. If not, no matter how good the market has a steam boiler is useless, therefore professional production technology is the key. Steam boiler is to provide high quality steam to produce important instrument of people's lives, so we must ensure that standards of quality to be able to meet people's lives, production needs, and all this premise is to have a professional production techniques can be achieved .

This year, located in Guizhou Tongzi County and located in Heilongjiang Harbin has two dealer price of boilers in zimbabwe explosions accident, after investigation, the accident was produced in the installation link, there are companies the main responsibility for the implementation of incomplete installation link, confusion installation and construction management , unauthorized commissioning, pressure testing irregularities, installation supervision and inspection to ensure the role of the missing and other problems, leading to a boiler explosion occurs, causing adverse effects for the personal and property safety.

Market supervision bureau to draw lessons from the accident, in order to avoid explosion due to boiler installation problem from occurring again, issued a notice warning of the risk of boiler installation link. Details are as follows:

The boiler safety related technical specifications, the entire boiler manufacturing unit can be installed (set) mounted boiler units produced. Boiler manufacturing unit undertake installation work, should meet the following requirements:

The manufacturer should be dedicated departments boiler installation work, set up to cover the boiler installation quality management system, equipped with the necessary resources to installation conditions. Boiler manufacturing units should strengthen sales management, through specified in the sales contract if the terms of the unit responsible for the installation of boilers, etc., to prevent sales by the manufacturing license qualification units or organizations which are not allowed to undertake the unit personnel to carry out boiler installation work. Where specified in the contract manufacturing sales unit responsible for the installation, on-site installation work must be sent by the company to complete the installation personnel shall not be subcontracted to other units (safety specifications are allowed in the assigned project except). Indicate the sales contract to this unit responsible for the installation of the boiler, installation of the unit must have the appropriate license installed. Responsible for the installation of the units should strengthen safety education and skills training for installation personnel. Find that the installation quality and safety aspects of the occurrence of an accident or appears illegal activities, special equipment safety supervision institutions should be punished according to the law to install the unit.

Boiler installation units should strictly enforce the relevant safety standards and technical specifications to ensure the quality and safety of boiler installation, the unit should be installed at the installation site set up signs stating the name of the license holder of the certificate, license project, license number and items the person in charge, who is responsible for safety and quality, commissioning personnel, supervisory inspector's name, unit and telephone. Boiler commissioning and commissioning, operation must be performed by a licensed boiler operator. Before the boiler installation, inspection and acceptance by the relevant formally delivered, installed units should be hung in a prominent position boilers warning signs with the words "banned" and take effective protection and quarantine measures to ensure that the boiler system can not be ignited or boost . In addition to the need to debug, the cabinet can not be energized, the fuel valve is in a closed state should be like. Use blanking panels of the boiler pressure test, the test should be removed immediately after the end of the Blind.

Boiler boiler installation situation before construction units should be installed by informing the local special equipment safety supervision and management departments, and submit an application to install Supervision, Inspection and supervisory inspection agency. Where Supervision and Inspection uncommitted boiler installation project may not start.

Supervisory inspection agency should be strictly in accordance with the "Boiler Inspection Rules", according to the supervisory inspection protocol and progress of the project requirements, arrangements for the implementation of the supervisory inspector boiler installation supervisory inspection. A class of control points, the supervisory inspector must be at the scene confirmed to meet the requirements, the installation unit in order to continue with the work. Supervisory inspector shall, at the start that is to the construction site, in the whole process of site supervision to pressure test, shall not be used after the witness confirmed that and how do fill supervisory inspection program Supervision, Inspection and replacement process when the boiler pressure test.

Boiler manufacturing unit in particular is responsible for boiler installation of manufacturing units and boiler installation supervisory inspection agency, should an accident lessons learned, giving top priority to further implement the main responsibility and checks responsibility, strengthen the boiler installation management to ensure the quality of the installation work, protect the boiler safety.

Flue gas condensation in aqueous industrial dealer price of boilers in zimbabwes and industrial boiler flue gas condensing position of the condensation water and the condensed position 1, the steam boiler flue gas dew point of industrial coagulation process means starts to condense water vapor in the flue gas the temperature, condenses into water vapor when the temperature is lower than the dew point temperature. Without considering the impact of the acid gas, flue gas dew point increases to increase, increasing the concentration of water vapor in the flue gas, increases as the excess air ratio is reduced. Formation of condensation water depends on the temperature distribution of the flow cross-section. For example, when the flue gas through the pipe, the core flow temperature maximum, minimum wall temperature. When the wall temperature is higher than the dew point, no condensate water, when the wall temperature below the dew point temperature of the core flow above the dew point. When the core flow temperature below the dew point, the air flow condensing section. Number of smoke generated condensed water is affected by many factors, such as size, fuel, exhaust gas temperature, the air ratio, the structure of the boiler heat transfer surfaces and the like. 2, boiler condensate condensed gas industry position in the boiler in order to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, efficient recovery of the latent heat of the flue gas steam gasification boiler with a condenser and is widely used in industrial heating systems, i.e., by installation absorb latent heat of water vapor in the flue gas. Saving device and a condenser. At design conditions, the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the boiler body above the water vapor dew point temperature, water vapor in the flue gas mainly in the condenser and economizer. Since the high-temperature steam in the boiler, the exhaust gas temperature before the flue gas enters the economizer is generally higher than the dew point, so a small amount of water vapor generated by the boiler condensate, hot water boilers and boiler due to low temperature, return water temperature lower than the annealing furnace smoke gas dew point temperature. Winter start or low load operation, leading to the exhaust gas temperature below the dew point temperature. Thus, prior to entering the economizer, some of the water vapor in the flue gas of the boiler tail heating surface condenses into water. The above analysis, generating the main part of the condensed gas are in industrial boiler economizer heating surface and the boiler, and thus boiler economizer outlet gas industry are usually set in a drain nozzle of the heating surface.

Interpretation of the dealer price of boilers in zimbabwe plant boiler main types and application sectors influential commentary Linyi boiler plant, boiler and it is the main provider of cooling, power and other aspects of the service in terms of home heating main function is to provide steam and hot water, in industrial areas for other devices . More different classification of the boiler and the boiler can be applied to different areas, where Linyi boiler manufacturers to consumers to explain the main types of boilers and industry application. 1. life boiler boiler manufacturers Linyi advanced to explain life boiler is a small model of the boiler, which can provide steam and hot water for people in life, high efficiency boiler life, and it can provide a lot of steam and hot water meet needs of groups. 2. industrial boilers learned from Linyi boiler manufacturers, most of the low-pressure industrial boilers, low temperature boilers of small capacity, can be used for industrial production and heating, which in accordance with the refrigerant outlet can be divided into types of industrial steam boilers and hot water boilers. 3. boiler power plant boiler power plant can be divided into pulverized coal and circulating fluidized bed boiler. Linyi illustrated boiler manufacturers, industrial boilers can be used for power generation, most of its large capacity, high parameter boiler, the combustion chamber and the fire faster, more efficient, the working fluid is superheated steam outlet. 4. marine boiler manufacturers learned from Linyi boiler, boiler land and marine boiler differs greatly, marine boiler its shape, size and weight have very strict limits and marine boiler for steam power propulsion machinery of the ship supply of boiler steam. Linyi boiler 5. Boiler vehicle manufacturers to the unique advantages of explanation, the boiler is a motor vehicle engine cycle heating medium, the boiler will heat directly to the motor vehicle radiator, defroster, the engine during engine operation cold start and the car room heater to provide heat. The more types of boiler industry and a very wide application, in addition to several aspects of Linyi boiler manufacturers commentary, the boiler can also be applied to the paper industry, machinery industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, textile industry and food industries. I believe that with the support of leading technology innovation and the country's future boiler will have further innovation and development.

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