cfb boiler tube erosion protection coating

Three kinds of cleaning methods, whether industrial cfb boiler tube erosion protection coating or steam boiler hot water boiler, the water treatment effect due to the different amounts of different kinds of impurities contained in the long-term use will form a dense hard scale. Dissolved oxygen in water and etching the corrosion products will contain a certain amount of scale on the metal occurs. Once the formation of scale in the boiler, the boiler can lead to poor circulation, affecting normal use, may also lead to serious accidents, so be sure to regularly carry out cleaning and maintenance of the boiler. Currently there are ways to remove scale mechanical descaling and chemical cleaning, chemical cleaning can be divided into caustic cleaning and acid cleaning. These three methods have advantages and disadvantages, the user may select a targeted according to their actual situation: 1, mainly mechanical descaling backwash tube, blade, blade like tool, sometimes with water washing for mechanical removal. This method is relatively simple, low cost, labor intensive, poor cleaning, easy to damage the metal surface, cleaning is only applicable to a small area, and a simple structure to facilitate mechanical shovel tool sized steam boiler scale. 2, caustic washed with boiling out for descaling trisodium phosphate, caustic soda, soda ash and other basic drugs, its main function is to loosen the scale and facilitate its fall, caustic cleaning and mechanical cleaning is often performed with. Caustic dosage is: trisodium phosphate 3 ~ 5kg / t; Soda 1--2kg / t sodium 2 ~ 4kg / t. Boiling out pressure is the normal operating pressure steam boiler hot water boiler 2/3 time is generally 24 to 40 hours. Cook stoves, boilers need to always maintain the highest level. After the cook stove, should be allowed to cool naturally, the temperature dropped to 50. About C then drain and open the mechanical descaling boilers timely, so as not to re-harden soft scale. This method is simple, less side effects, but long cleaning time, multi-drug consumption, cleaning is not complete. 3, conventional descaling pickling hydrochloric acid was added inhibitor, sometimes adding a fluoride, a surfactant additive, pickled. More thorough pickling for descaling carbonate scale and rust scale poor effect on sulfate and silicate scale, must comply with the alkali cooking transformation descaling. Not only because the acid can react chemically with the scale, but also corrode metal, boilers acid is a highly technical work, must be borne by the provincial labor department accredited professional cleaning unit. Note that, if there is a steam boiler and hot water boiler operating in parallel, no matter what method is used, before carrying out cleaning must be reliably isolated with all gas, water pipes are connected, to do so in order to improve safety coefficient.

Two main factors causing gas cfb boiler tube erosion protection coating corrosion

Now gas boiler, if the strict implementation of the operation, regular inspection and maintenance process maintenance problems, occurred in operation in accordance with operational requirements will be greatly reduced, service life can reach 15--20 years, the higher the price. Corrosion is one of the important factors that affect the life of the boiler, or if there is no time to carry out maintenance work due to errors by the operator, boiler corrosion occurred, would make the thickness of the boiler furnace thinning, reduce the thermal efficiency, shortened life expectancy.

For some of the larger sites use area, smaller capacity gas cfb boiler tube erosion protection coating is not up to heating demand; therefore, can be designed for different volumes of gas-fired boiler with a new design concept, environmental protection and efficient image according to user needs to enter a boiler market has been widely recognized and highly valued by many customers.

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High-Temperature Erosion of HVOF Sprayed Cr3C2-NiCr Coating

Oct 30, 2008 · The comparison of the high-temperature erosion behavior of a High-velocity oxyfuel (HVOF) sprayed Cr 3 C 2-NiCr coating with mild steel for circulating fluidized bed boiler tubes was investigated. Results showed that the erosion rate of the mild steel at 800 °C was four times that at 300 °C at an erosion angle of 30°.

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Composite Coatings for Elevated Temperature Erosion-Corrosion

The tubes damage rate depends on the boiler design bed constituents and combustion parameters, however an accelerated metal wastage is usually found in the same specific areas of different boilers. New HVOF sprayed coatings are developed for the tubing erosion-corrosion protection, based on Cr3C2 Ni-Cr, Cr-Ti-C!/

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Boiler Tube Fireside Corrosion Protection Coating For Coal

With over 25 years of experience applying protective coatings in coal power boilers around the world, IGS has developed innovative solutions to extend the life of the existing equipment and to provide reliable, long-term protection with significant cost and time savings to our customers. A combination of proprietary alloys and unique application technology allows us to provide both erosion and corrosion solutions to components within the coal and lignite-fired boilers.

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Ceramic coatings for boiler tubes protection

Reduction in slag and tube protection can increase the life of your tubes, as well as lower your fuel consumption needs. Green Eco and Optēcoat are an optimally selected materials for protection of the boiler components exposed to extreme operating conditions, such as screen pipes, chamber furnace, heat exchangers.

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Industrial coating options for circulating fluidized bed boilers

Oct 23, 2017 · Industrial coating options for circulating fluidized bed boilers 1. Optecoat By Fireside Coatings Sprayed-on Ceramic Protection 2. CFB Boiler Tube Wastage Erosion/Corrosion Erosion: function of particle density, velocity, shape, size, speed, quantity High solids in flue gas will cause erosion.

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Oxistop Coatings For Boiler Tube Maintenance

of utilizing these materials, boiler tubes coated with Oxistop coatings will maintain optimum heat transfer into boiler water wall tubes by replacing the iron oxide protective (and insulating) layer and residue build-up that occurs when boiler tubes are subjected to high heat and coal combustion with a ceramic based protective barrier.

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Boiler Tube Cladding - YouTube

Nov 08, 2018 · IGS field services team provides on-site highest quality protection to boiler pressure parts: water walls, superheaters and ecomonizers. Our high alloy cladding protects 2500 CFB, BFB, PC- and

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cfb boiler erosion CFBC Boiler Manufacturer

cfb boiler erosion Coal Power Plant Boiler. In a CFB boiler furnace,tube leakage or rupture due to erosion is one of the main reasons lead to shutdown and operation accident.Starting from the basic mechanism

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Current Status of Thermal Spray Coatings for High Temperature

To increase the erosion and used for the protection of boiler components [14]. The flame method is rarely used because and Ni-50Cr coatings on T22 boiler tube steel.

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CFB Boiler Upgrades at IRPC Restore Capacity, Improve

The second modification was the addition of a reduced diameter zone (RDZ) at the interface between the refractory coated and bare tube surfaces in the lower furnace. The RDZ is a very effective method of significantly reducing the erosion at the refractory-to-bare-tube transition and is easily maintained.

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Smart Boiler Services to Improve Reliability, Reduce

Aug 08, 2017 · Lower Furnace tube erosion mitigation using resistant coatings Erosion basics; Coating families, the pros and cons; Sumitomo SHI FWs current approach . In addition to the above topics, the webinar will also discuss the benefits of LTSAs and remote management techniques such as Smart Boilers to improve asset efficiency & availability

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CFB Protection - Ceramic Coatings for Boilers - YouTube

Nov 26, 2013 · Since 1985, FMP has been protecting coal fired boiler tubes with GreenShield ceramic coating. GreenShield is a water based high temperature ceramic coating that offers abrasion, non stick and

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Advanced erosion protection technology for steam boiler tubes

Boiler tube failures continue to be the number one cause of forced outages in fossil plants today. One of the major causes for premature tube failure is excessive fireside boiler tube erosion.

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Erosion damage and protective coating for water walls of CFB

Erosion damage and protective coating for water walls of CFB boilers 193 Characteristic examples of coating wear damage in the work lower part have been elevated to determine mechanism of erosion (figure 3). Figure 3. Mechanism of erosion-corrosion damage of water walls of CFB boilers

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Chlorine Corrosion Resistant Coating For Waste Energy

Erosion is the main challenge for CFB, with hard particles, such as bed, fuel and ash material, circulating in the boiler. Most CFB designs use refractory protection in the furnace area to mitigate damage. Erosion resistant coating is then applied on the evaporator surfaces to prevent thickness losses of the tubes.

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