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Boiler heat load automatic real-time tracking, the number of power control of the best buy boilers 2015, to optimize the combination device, to achieve high efficiency. Power Saving by the primary circulation pump return water temperature constant level software, temperature, pressure control, to achieve high efficiency. Power Saving by the secondary circulation pump return water temperature constant level software, temperature, pressure control, to achieve high efficiency. Reduce daily operating costs of the system.

Handan: Before the end of October to complete the transformation of more than 10 tons of steam gas best buy boilers 2015 burning low nitrogen

A few days ago, Handan City issued "on the deadline to complete the nitrogen oxide gas boiler governance" (the "Notice"), clear objectives, tasks nitrogen oxides governance gas boiler, expected to be completed more than 10 steam tons of gas before the end of October this year, low NOx combustion boiler reconstruction. "Notice" to the objectives and tasks of nitrogen oxide gas boiler control, time requirements, safeguard measures have been clearly defined.

First, the implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emissions

By the end of June 2020, the existing non-electrical gas steam boiler, hot water boiler, Stoker stoker furnace and completed the transformation of a low nitrogen combustion, soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides reach 5mg / m³, 10mg / m³ , 30mg / m³, the new gas combustion boiler synchronizing means and is mounted low nitrogen meet emission standards. 20 tons of steam / hour or more gas-fired boiler installation atmospheric pollution automatic monitoring facilities, and networking with the environmental protection department, install a distributed control system (DCS system). 20 t steam / hour to be mounted gas-fired boiler exhaust gas nitrogen oxide analyzer.

Second, the phased completion of the task of transformation of governance

10 before the end 2018, to complete the combustion of the transformation Boilers nitrogen over 10 tons of steam, to complete the 1-10 tons of steam (having a steam tons and 10 tons of steam) combustion transform low nitrogen gas boiler before the end of October 2019, 2020 at the end of 6 before completing the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion gas steam boiler 1 ton. Counties (cities, districts) according to the actual situation, to be completed in advance of nitrogen oxides governance gas boiler.

Third, both subsidies and penalties

"Notice" requirement for acceptance of project management, to give appropriate subsidies comprehensive financial subsidies to control air pollution. Due to the unfinished task of governance be ordered to stop production of governance. For excessive emissions, fraud, unauthorized outage environmental protection facilities, waste-water treatment snuck issues such as rectification and punishment according to law; wrongdoing, be held criminally relevant personnel.

How safe operating instructions and the best buy boilers 2015 flue gas desulfurization: the boiler this important site products, I believe we will not feel strange, but, if already have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, and for the moment, has not yet reached the degree, therefore, based on this particular situation, then, will continue this work in order to let everyone in front of the existing foundation, can be continued, and at the same time, to increase the amount of their own knowledge in this area. 1. In the boiler operation, how can to ensure their safety and reliability? In the boiler operation, we want to ensure their safety and reliability, then, is to do the following, are as follows: the fireman and the boiler water testing these workers and other workers, should certificates, otherwise it is not posts. Internal and external boiler, should conduct a comprehensive and careful inspection and testing, once problems are detected, the timely processing solutions. Some important components of the boiler should be checked regularly. In addition, do routine maintenance work the boiler, in order to ensure the life of the same.

Flue gas fuel best buy boilers 2015 design requirements 1) to be straight flue, air tightness, attachment and less resistance is small, the level of 1% or more to maintain the flue rise should be disposed laying down slope disposed avoided. 2) the fuel gas flue and the chimney of the boiler should be of steel or reinforced concrete construction, the lowest point of the flue and the chimney should be water-seal disposed condensate drains. 3) thickness of the metal plate is generally used flue 4 ~ 6mm, the flue design, should be sufficient arranged reinforcing ribs to ensure the strength and stiffness requirements. 4) thermal expansion of the flue should be compensated, the compensation amount to be calculated and the correct selection. 5) steel flue and reliable insulation measures should be fixed. 6) a fuel gas boiler should correspond to a chimney boiler, when the boiler by the conditions required to share a chimney flue or several, each boiler should be ventilated suction force balance. 7) arranged in a flue provided when necessary thermal and environmental measuring point measuring point in place. Single rated evaporation amount is equal to 20t / h or single thermal rating of greater than or equal 14MW oil-fired boiler, a fixed continuous monitoring smoke flue gas must be installed. S02 emission concentration of the instrument. 8) Where the flue gas is easy to assemble, and when more than one boiler or a total share a chimney flue shall be fitted with explosion-proof door on the flue after each fuel gas-fired boiler, the location of the vent should be conducive to relief, should be provided without jeopardizing personnel safety and proper position before turning, when explosive gas may endanger the safety of the operator, should be installed on the guide tube explosion relief means. 9) For some of the longer flue boiler room, they should be accounted for resistance, select the corresponding drum, induced draft fan (ID fan when there), in order to ensure the smooth flow of exhaust. 10) should be considered appropriate chimney anti-corrosion measures, chimney flue gas outlet temperature is preferably above the dew point of the flue gas temperature of 15 deg.] C; when the exhaust gas temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of flue gas, the flue gas should take effective measures to prevent the intrusion.

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