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How to protect steam for sale vacuum boilers steam boiler steam quality is much broader than the application of hot water boilers, hot water boiler is mainly used for heating and hot water supply and steam boiler applications covering all industrial, power generation and other industries. What usually buy boilers for steam boiler is required? It is undoubtedly the security, stability, high efficiency, long life, cost savings, etc. However, these requirements and are directly or indirectly related to the quality of steam. Quality counts of steam, because it can affect the smooth running of the system, firmly believed, the economy is also related to product quality, production of power and energy consumption. If the steam boiler users should not have given it some attention, certainly will trigger a series of follow-up questions boiler. 1) the presence of rust in the cleanliness of the steam pipe, when the residual carbonate deposits, there may be means slag debris and the sealing material, these impurities have valves, causing jamming equipment damage, the pipeline will increase abrasion. Approach means that the progress of cleanliness pipe filter, and the filter means for level. 2) dryness incorrect boiler feed water treatment, boiler level control of unreasonable and excessive short-term peak load and other factors will lead to a total soda boiler Teng phenomenon, making the boiler outlet boiler with water. When the steam active in the pipeline, the heat pipe will condense part of the steam added to the condensed water pipe. The condensed water with chemicals and other impurities may accumulate on the outer heat transfer equipment, heat exchange equipment impact power, and impurities in the deposited metal outer scarring apparatus, resulting in uneven heating of the metal surface, the number of shortened life. In addition, the presence of water vapor transpiration decreased enthalpy of steam, adding steam consumption; steam in the water will increase the water film thickness measurement of steam heat exchangers appearance, rated thermal resistance occurs. Separators installation progress is useful means of steam quality, efficient steam trap steam quality can progress to 98%. 3) purity of the air will be present in the steam system, since the occurrence of a steam boiler still inevitably contains a small number of air, together with the pipe and equipment will have to start air, system and equipment downtime due to internal vacuum suction air. Air very low thermal conductivity, is a poor conductor of heat. Air containing steam system, the steam will decrease with the production capacity of the equipment, will increase the corrosion of pipes, valves and equipment. System steam exclude non-condensable gases such as air and thus the most useful way means that the progress of the steam purity means and the air in the system. 4) stable pressure / temperature in order to ensure the process heating requirements, steam reaches the point of steam pressure shall demand value. Together, and steam pressure should not be too high, otherwise it will add steam consumption. When the steam contained in the non-condensable gas such as air, although the pressure gauge to show satisfactory, but lower than the temperature corresponding to the temperature corresponding to full. Send high pressure steam, low pressure steam. Into the supply of steam equipment to meet the requirements of a minimum and a stable pressure. This will not only satisfied the needs of production, but also to reach the energy saving effect. Suitable selection of the delivery pressure of the vapor pipe diameter and useful heat piping and valves, plus a reasonable hydrophobic emptying conduit, together with the use of a reduced pressure regulation point, the point can be achieved by vapor pressure / temperature stable.

For more than two decades, it has been the focus on clean for sale vacuum boilerss, the insistence on precision and wisdom, and the pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship that have made today's Fangkuai boilers. Fangkui Boiler will always be based on the boiler industry, and will return customer support and trust with brilliant results and sophisticated technology.

Maintenance and corrosion protection of a hot water for sale vacuum boilers, water supply oxygen due to some timely accumulation of dissolved oxygen corrosion of hot water boiler will result in increased water supply process, therefore, at the same time equipped with the appropriate oxygen equipment should be better the efforts to control the entire water supply. The oxygen present embodiment mainly sodium sulfite chemical reaction oxygen, this effective method of oxygen can fully reduce the overall corrosion to metal. Meanwhile, some capacity is relatively increased water boiler, may also be employed in high vacuum or low oxygen equipment, a reasonable way is to use hot water boiler air evacuated, forming a gas hot water boiler pressure less than atmospheric pressure will reduce air leakage phenomenon occurs, play a good maintenance effect. Second, strict control of the pH of the boiler water in accordance with the regulations of the country, the pH of the boiler water is controlled within a predetermined range, this can be well protected by film formation, avoiding corrosion of the metal walls of the hot water boiler . Case of pH value rises or falls appear outside the furnace, to take timely measures to maintain, when the entire index is below 10, you can put some alkaline agents on the hot boiler to an appropriate increase to a normal pH, can also be run by using trisodium phosphate and sodium hydroxide to adjust the dose to accurately control the pH of the water throughout the furnace, so that, to maintain good control effect, helps to reduce boiler corrosion, build clean and efficient mode. Third, strengthen the maintenance of boilers disabled during shutdown, such protective measures are not taken, the boiler water and steam system of the metal surface corrosion is dissolved oxygen, since the boiler generated during operation is an alkylene iron corrosion products compounds, can become disabled at the time of high iron oxide compound, which makes corrosion process is repeated down the line. And therefore must take appropriate protective measures during boiler shutdown is disabled, avoid and mitigate corrosion of the boiler. Maintenance of two ways: First, dry maintenance, and second, wet maintenance Wet maintenance Currently we have taken as follows: (1) the pot of water after shutdown exhausted, remove scale, impurities and soot. (2) off (or blocked with the blind plate) each of the ducts of valves connected to the boiler. (3) The demineralized water injected into the boiler to a minimum level, with special preparation of a good basic corrosion pump liquid injected into the boiler. (4) When all the injection liquid corrosion boilers, boiler water supply valve is turned on, the boiler filled with demineralised water until the pot of water drained out from the valve, closing the valve and emptying the water supply valve. (5) Open special boiler water circulation pump, so that everywhere in the boiler alkaline solution concentration uniform corrosion. (6) During the maintenance, you should always do external examination, and regularly testing pot with water, and liquid or alkalinity level drops, should identify the reasons for timely processing and additional liquid. (7) periodically open water circulation pump, the liquid concentration consistent throughout. (8) during the wet winter maintenance of the boiler, the boiler temperature must be kept above 5 ℃ and do the following. a. during the entire maintenance, raw Microflame oven regularly in order to maintain the outer surface of the heated drying. b. To start a regular water circulation pump, the concentration of the solution is consistent throughout. c. also regularly take the solution testing, if the alkalinity is reduced, should be supplemented. d. Winter freezing measures to be taken. Conclusion of people using the hot water boiler in the current society continues to increase, for the maintenance and repair of hot water boiler has been people's attention, but at a certain point of view, people are now plagued by the boiler normal use of the main factors that boiler corrosion situation occurs, this corrosion occurs not only will make the life of the boiler there is a certain decrease in the safety of the boiler will make a corresponding reduction, so this needs to boiler rusting conduct a comprehensive analysis, and in accordance with the results of the analysis put forward countermeasures boiler fundamental Rusty effective solution, so that the development of China's water boiler to get some protection.

Traditional for sale vacuum boilers has its own Achilles' heel, decided that life is not long. Effect of boiler life to resolve the fatal weakness of traditional, dedicated vacuum hot water boiler of the sealed boiler tank pump vacuum suction force, a vacuum state, not in contact with the air, never oxygen corrosion. Boiler water is heated by an external heat exchanger, furnace, smoke tube heat medium only in contact with water, the complete elimination of scale formation, to maintain efficient operation for many years; backwater circulation system and the boiler heat medium water do not mix, smoke stable, no condensed water, completely solve the condensation corrosion, significantly extending the life of the boiler. Vacuum hot water boiler whole life of more than 20 years.

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