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2 ton solid fuel fired boiler efficiency and reliability power plant in Indonesia

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2018 Kunming gas boiler efficiency and reliability power plants How to play the highest performance? If you want to say to the boiler, it may be a lot of people know something about this in the. It can be said now is the boiler has become a symbol of the industrial age, especially in winter, a number of schools, hospitals, bath center or enterprise, making heating and hot water supply when this is required by the boiler to complete, so the current boiler application is still very extensive.

Recently, the Guangzhou City issued an action "Guangzhou 2018 annual work plan for comprehensive prevention and control of air pollution," the bureau of law enforcement to monitor the detachment on August 28 = 29 organizations launched a special enforcement action against a biomass boiler efficiency and reliability power plant.

The special enforcement action by the municipal and district levels of environmental protection departments jointly launched, deployed Yuexiu, Tianhe, Haizhu, Huangpu, Conghua five district environmental protection law enforcement backbone, with the Guangzhou City Environmental Protection law enforcement inspection detachment composed of 18 cross-law enforcement group, to increase the city all registration to carry out quality checks of 125 biomass boilers in the book, focus on examination of Guangzhou boiler emissions monitoring system in Zengcheng District registered the existence of complex biomass boilers coal or other high-polluting fuels, whether there are special furnace and supporting bag dust removal facilities, whether the normal operation of the boiler control facilities, whether discharge standards as required entry and update Guangzhou boiler emission monitoring system and other issues.

After verification, the registration system by the city list in the boiler has been disabled (off or relocated) boiler station 43, not included in the other eight found regulatory list table 133 actually inspected. Among them, 28 units involving suspected violations accounted for in the boiler problem with the boiler (90 units) ratio of 31%, the problem of coal-fired boilers in complex 2, the resurgence of firewood, 11, allegedly did not apply for environmental protection procedures, waste gas treatment is not installed facility or facilities are not the normal use and other illegal activities 15. For complex high-polluting coal and wood fuel boiler according to law-site seizure and transfer penalties and territorial environmental protection departments to follow up treatment in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 107 of the "People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law." The rest were arrested for illegal transfer of territorial environmental protection departments for investigation.

Whether the boiler efficiency and reliability power plant has to warm Notes boiler and boiler with HE detergents, it is an important product and one of the main keyword site, so the learning requirements, to achieve the full extent, and does not omit any of its knowledge . So, based on this specific requirement, then, is to proceed immediately to carry out this work, better improve learning efficiency. 1. Is there a corresponding boiler detergents? Boiler cleaning, it is possible to use detergents, but to use special detergents boiler, so as to ensure a good boiler cleaning effect. So, on this issue, the answer is yes. Further, on the particular type of detergent, M-1 type is that a security detergents, which is a scale remover for boilers, having a good cleaning effect and high cleaning efficiency, short time scale solution, safe and easy storage and transportation and, in addition to be used in the boiler, the heat exchanger may also be used. 2. The power boiler is whether the power boiler? Power boiler, which is included in power boilers, and from a professional standpoint, as long as a pressure, temperature of the steam or hot water boilers, power boiler can be considered. So, on this issue, you can get the answer is, not power boilers power boilers, power boilers is a power boiler. 3. What is the difference between Class B and Class C boiler is? Boiler with underfloor heating, what are the considerations? The difference between B and C class boiler, the boiler according to manufacturer box production technical personnel, which is the main difference in the operating pressure and the amount of evaporation, or that the operating pressure and thermal power. Notes boiler with underfloor heating, which is specifically as follows: (1) shall be installed in accordance with the original design of the boiler can not be used under water and on the return of this form, although with a lower back on the next time compared to the temperature difference in the water the difference is not great, but the situation will improve exhaust gas temperature and boiler efficiency. (2) the circulation pump connection is withdrawn water into the boiler water supply, so that the pump pumping water temperature is relatively lower. (3) no need to take the bypass, because the system does not natural circulation. 4. boiler feedwater oxygen Is it important? It can be omitted? Boiler feed water, which typically contains oxygen, such as oxygen into the boiler, the boiler will in some parts or parts subject to corrosion, and thus, affect the normal use of the boiler, and shorten the life of the device, therefore, the need for oxygen work boiler feed water, but also to be taken seriously and can not be omitted.


All the factors which affect power plant performance, efficiency, reliability, safety and emissions will be explained thoroughly. All the areas in pulverized coal and circulating fluidized bed power plants where efficiency loss can occur will be explained. This seminar will also provide up-dated information in respect to the following topics:

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