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Fuel volume adjustment simple mechanical atomization nozzle adjustment range is usually only 10% to 20%. When the mechanical engineering boiler companies in malaysia load changes little, the oil pressure in front of the boiler can be adjusted by changing the oil pressure before the furnace, and the purpose of increasing the oil pressure can be achieved by increasing the oil pressure. When the boiler load changes greatly, the atomization plate with different aperture can be replaced to increase and decrease the fuel injection. When the boiler load changes greatly, neither of the two adjustment methods can adapt to the requirements, so it is necessary to change the fuel injection quantity by increasing and reducing the number of fuel nozzles. The adjustable range of the atomizing nozzle of the return oil machine is relatively large. When the boiler load changes, the return valve opening can be adjusted accordingly to change the return oil quantity. Return oil The larger the quantity, the smaller the injection quantity; on the other hand, the fuel injection quantity increases. In normal operation, the fuel quantity shall not be increased or reduced sharply, so as not to cause the sharp change of combustion, and cause the pressure element to expand and shrink abruptly and damage.

The meeting of "open innovation, create brilliant" as the theme, highlighting the fast mechanical engineering boiler companies in malaysia open to innovation-oriented, and look forward to dealers around the partners jointly casting a bright future for the fast side of tomorrow's development goals. Mr. Lu Haigang president issued a welcome speech, reviewed the party and lead the fast group since its inception, all the way through the clutter, to ride, to now become a memorable moment every premier industry leader in the clean boiler market.

Enterprises purchasing industrial mechanical engineering boiler companies in malaysias need to pay attention to what companies need to pay attention to what the procurement of industrial boilers? Now industrial boilers is increasing, the market share of washing ironing, packaging machinery, biological, chemical and food industry, purchased the necessary equipment sets for industrial boiler is made of high quality stainless steel as the main material, imported high-temperature magnesium oxide powder as the sealing material, its heat resistant. However, when purchasing this boiler, should pay more attention to purchase cost-effective boiler by comprehensive evaluation. Enterprises purchasing industrial boilers need to pay attention to what a, pay attention to whether the device too much noise in the purchase of industrial boilers, noise reduction requirements lower than domestic boilers. Note, however, whether the device is too large noise, prevent noise pollution, environmental impact of industrial quality. Typically, a large boiler large vibration caused by noise can reduce the stability of the system, reduce the life of the respective parts, thereby reducing the whole life of the boiler. Second, note how the quality of main material (whether external corrosion) The main materials used in industrial boilers will directly determine its heat resistance. Most industrial boiler is made of stainless steel, and it is not necessary to select a thinner material of lower compression. In addition, you must pay attention to whether the boiler by external corrosion protection. Since the air under industrial conditions and the moisture content of highly corrosive substance, external corrosion the boiler, the boiler will look to reduce or avoid corrosion of the core. Parts affect the normal operation. Third, pay attention to environmental protection, energy efficiency of industrial boilers generally how must run 24 hours a day and must pay attention to the environmental protection at the time of purchase, to avoid over-consumption and produce large amounts of electricity; in addition, we should also pay attention to the environmental protection, especially for the environment protected areas more stringent requirements, should select the best industrial equipment, environmental protection boiler. Fourth, note that the availability of security devices (e.g., overvoltage and overheating alarm system)

Fast mechanical engineering boiler companies in malaysia condensing gas boiler produced using low nitrogen premix, and the like of FGR combustion technology, up to 108% thermal efficiency, combustion gas; further interlock with multiple intelligent control, precise and correct, full self-test, the user with the peace of mind, rest assured, at ease!

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